"Wave" Glass Multicolored Heart Hand Painted Christmas Ornament. Limited edition.

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Color: Multicolored. Height from the hook to the bottom: 3.5" (89 mm). Weight: 1 oz (30 g).
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When we think of Christmas and all the decorative details that are going to make our Christmas trees sparkly, dreamy and magical, we mostly start associating all the joys that winter brings with it. This time, however, we have something refreshing and out of the box for you— this lovely glass multicolored heart hand-painted Christmas ornament “Wave”. This piece is truly a non-traditional representative of Christmas, with all its shades, shapes and symbolism reminding us of a completely opposite season of the year. The contrast, however, is not something to bring back those different times of the year, but rather to celebrate the art of creation, the softness of colors, shapes, and, of course, the meaning behind waves in the “Waves”. As they swing back and forth, they show us that things are recurring; during Christmas time, we must focus on the joys and happy times we had throughout the year, knowing that those feelings will be present in our lives once again, and again. The ornament consists of two differently painted sides shaped into a heart: the front side with the cute wave patterns, and more abstract detailing that resembles the ocean floor, beautiful, vivid and artistic, and the other side with many multicolored details that you will simply need to have on your Christmas tree. 

The ornament is finished with a protective layer of lacquer.  Color: Multicolored. Height from the hook to the bottom: 3.5" (89 mm). Weight: 1 oz (30 g).