Hand Made Glass Christmas Ornament "Owl"

Height: 4.6". Color: Blue. Made in Russia.
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The origin of owls having a symbolic meaning related to winter and Christmas dates back to the nineteenth century when these stunning night birds were thought to be associated with bringing more luck for the holiday season. Their intelligence and wisdom were symbolic of a Christmas wish. Ever since many beautiful figures are being made yearly and their popularity in people’s ornament collection is ever-growing. This icy-blue hand made glass Christmas ornament “Owl” will be such a lovely decoration for your home during the holiday season. You can place it onto a branch of your Christmas tree so it can look over your other Christmas ornaments and it will be a phenomenal addition to the rest of them. The figure is glossy and made to look incredibly shiny under any kind of lighting, so the beauty of it will not remain unnoticed. Its mesmerizing colors of ice are there to contribute to keeping a true Christmas spirit alive. In addition to that, the bird is hand made by talented Russian artists, which brings more traditional and sentimental value to it that can be nurtured once the bird is taken out if the cute golden gift box and placed onto your Christmas tree branch.