"Tsarina Maria" Hand-Painted Glass Christmas Ornament

Height: 5.1" (130 mm); Color: Red; Made in Russia.
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This beautiful glass figurine, painted entirely by hand showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship of talented artisans in Russia, is exactly what’s been missing in your collection of stunning Christmas ornaments. “Tsarina Maria” will bring a sense of warmth, glory and effortless beauty to your home or your office interior. One is instantly drawn to her bright colors she is painted in, with golden details upon her head and across her gown simply stealing one’s attention. Her rich regal ensemble is made of multiple layers of ornate brocade that features colors of bright green, red and gold, which emphasize the true holiday spirit. It seems as if the princess is moving in a gracious dance to show her voluminous ensemble and its delicate patterns of timeless values, as well as to bring a sense of joy, movement and grace as if looking forward to all the holiday delight and celebration. This glass figurine is admired in all cultures across the world as much as she’s valued in Russia. “Tsarina Maria” is going to stand out amongst your other glass figurines and Christmas ornaments, growing tenderness in your heart and instantly creating bonds with you, as she is not only a beautiful and symbolic holiday gift but rather a timeless piece of art.